Squirrels are cute little creatures that are entertaining to watch from your kitchen window. However, they can turn into nuisances before you know it. Squirrels can do a lot of damage to your home if they get inside. They constantly gnaw on things, and they can chew right through your attic or roof.


The biggest mistake you can make with wild squirrels is to feed them on a regular basis. It may be relaxing to sit in the yard in the evenings and toss peanuts at squirrels, but it will eventually lead to problems. The squirrels get used to handouts and when you miss a day or stop completely, then the squirrels become frantic and may try to break inside the house to get to the food.

Feeding squirrels interferes with their normal diet, which can affect their health. Hand feeding squirrels makes them more sedentary too, since they don’t have to hunt all day for food.

An abundance of food can even affect the social order of the squirrels since it attracts more squirrels to your yard. Squirrels are normally very territorial animals and claim a space as their own. When squirrels have to hunt for food, they will drive other squirrels out of their territory to protect their food source and their stored stashes.


You don’t want squirrels moving into your attic. They will destroy your insulation, chew on wires and gnaw holes in wood. They make your home unsanitary and give the attic a musty odor. A wildlife expert can help you with this job by identifying areas where squirrels are likely to get inside and then installing steel plates or steel wool barrier fabric to keep them out.

Squirrels like to dwell in trees, so they are attracted to the high area of your roof. You’ll want to examine your roof thoroughly for gnaw marks and entry holes. Sealing your house involves more than plugging holes.

You want to make sure there are no squirrels or squirrel babies in the attic when you seal it up. You can do this by installing a one-way door or plugging the hole with paper or fabric first to see if squirrels are currently using the hole. If you have a current infestation in your attic, you’ll want the squirrels removed before sealing begins.


The best way to get squirrels out of your attic is to wait for them to leave in search of food, then block their entry door. Just be prepared for a determined little squirrel to fight hard to get back inside. Fortunately, squirrels often build multiple nests, so evicting the squirrels probably won’t make them homeless.

Still, it’s best to avoid kicking them out in the winter when it’s very cold or during the two seasons of the year when there’s a good chance of babies living in the attic. Another option is to let your wildlife expert trap the squirrels to get them out of your attic so you can seal the house. If you’re concerned about the squirrels, you can have them released in your yard so they will be close to their other nests and their stored food stashes.

If you love animals, you want to co-exist with them peacefully. Removing them from your attic isn’t harmful to the squirrels as long as you let an experienced wildlife expert do it properly. You can still watch them scamper in your yard, but you won’t have to worry about them destroying your attic.

If you have a problem with squirrels because you’ve been feeding them or because they’re in your attic, call Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control for help getting your squirrel infestation under control.