Buying Homes In Raleigh North Carolina, Coyote Problems Halted By Trapper, And Raleigh NC Lotto Winner

Raleigh NC Coyote Removal

Various complaints of coyotes in towns all over North Carolina are nothing particularly new, however they are spreading more and more every year. Outer banks has gone out of their way and hired a trapper in hopes of ridding themselves of the coyote issue, prompting other towns to do the same if they desire to get rid of the same issue. Some don’t know who to hire for wildlife removal in Raleigh NC. The best rated company is Triangle Wildlife Removal.

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Coyote Complaints Cause Outer Banks Town To Hire Trapper

Longtime residents Fred Bamonte and his wife will not let their small dog out alone. In January they saw a coyote carrying what looked like a cat in its mouth. Feral cats and rabbits have disappeared.

“They were all over the place,” Bamonte said. “We haven’t seen any in the last month.”

Nags Head residents are not allowed to discharge firearms in the town limits, but people can shoot a coyote any time in nearby Wake County. Durham County, where he is located, is part of a five-county area where the state requires a depredation permit to kill a coyote. News Source 

The influx of millenials into the Raleigh North Carolina real estate market has changed the way the market works and operates in comparison to previous generations. Many millenials have expressed desire to take the next step in life and settle down somewhere, however are finding it increasingly harder to buy a house.

Millennials Are Ready To Buy Homes In Raleigh, But The Struggle Is Real

RALEIGH, N.C. — The Triangle’s real estate market is hot, and now there’s a new kind of buyer entering the picture – millennials.

Born between 1981 and 1996, millennials are out of school, finding jobs, and some are ready to stop renting. Realtors say they’re also changing the way the market works.

Brittani Procknow, 25, moved to North Carolina a few years ago and is ready to put down roots.

“I was like, you know what, it’s a great investment. It’s something that I want, and after moving here, I want like a sense of belonging. So, buying a house would totally be that for me,” she said. Original Article 

A Raleigh NC husband has used his lottery winnings to help his wife open up her own nail salon, a lifelong dream of hers. Alexis won over $500,000 from a scratch card and is very excited alongside his wife to see her dream come true.

Lottery Winner Makes Wife’s Dream Come True With $400K Jackpot

RALEIGH, N.C. — Alexis Tejada Bueno of Raleigh said he plans to use a $584,312 Cash 5 jackpot to make his wife’s dream of opening her own nail salon come true.

“She’s wanted to do this for over 13 years,” Tejada Bueno said. “She’s excited to finally make it happen.”

Tejada Bueno bought the $1 Quick Pick ticket at the Raleigh Claim Center on Capital Boulevard in Raleigh. All of the lottery’s claim centers sell tickets in addition to helping players with lottery-related business. News Source