North Carolina’s Longest Standing Raccoon Removal Company (919) 661-0722

North Carolina’s Longest Standing Raccoon Removal Company 
(919) 661-0722

Since 1990, Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Inc. has offered pest management services and humane animal removal to Apex and surrounding areas. We are hardworking and dedicated to humane wildlife removal and pest control problems. We use the most advanced techniques available to handle residential and commercial pest matters safely, effectively and humanely.

Nuisance Raccoon Management Services

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Humane Wild Animal Trapping And Animal Management

Carolina wildlife like raccoons is nocturnal animals that are highly intelligent critters. They adapt quickly to their surrounding environment and can create multitudes of issues for North Carolinas residents. They are opportunistic feeders and will feed on almost anything edible, even dead animals. They typically have one litter a year in early spring of one to about six kits or cubs. The young critters will open their eyes in about four to six weeks and are mobile at eight to ten weeks of age. Young raccoons make chirping sounds that resemble other Carolina wildlife like birds. The female raccoon will typically make a home in attics, chimneys and crawl spaces where the young are raised, only further increasing the need for animal management. [no_toc]

Raccoon Removal Service Areas

Damage Check And Damage Repairs

The female raccoon will enter the attic through fascia boards, gable vents, attic fans, crawl spaces, prefab chimneys or rotten areas of wood along the gutter line. Once the North Carolina wildlife is in the attic, homeowners will face a variety of problems other than trapping and damage management. The Carolina species will cause noise for the majority of the night similar to squirrels in attics, foul odors from urine and feces, damaged insulation, possible rabies exposure, fleas, and then roundworm, which can be deadly.

Attic Restoration From Trapping

Raccoon trapping can be quite costly and not reasonably priced if removing animals is not handled properly. Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control, Inc can safely and efficiently expel the animals, seal any entrances, rid droppings and insulation and mitigate any issues associated with fleas or roundworm.

The technicians are highly skilled in humane trapping techniques and ensuring effective animal exclusion in your home,  damage repairs and preventing future infestations for home and business owners by ensuring that raccoons are securely trapped and expelled from your home or business. Call us today at 919-661-0722 to solve your raccoon problem anywhere in the Triangle area of Raleigh Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham NC,  or surrounding communities.

An Additional Word Of Advice On Our Wildlife Removal and Apex Control Services

Often times we will have several business owners asking us about Carolina wildlife management and the process of removing animals  such as getting rid of skunks, baby squirrels, raccoons from their businesses. We take pride as being part of the companies serving Apex, Cary Apex, Chapel Hill, Garner NC with humane techniques. Some of the additional services that we offer in addition to raccoon management , include bat, dead animals, bird control, fox, snake, and odor dispersal that dead animals or skunks can cause. When customers ask us about relocating squirrels, we will thoroughly explain how we set squirrel traps to catch the animals. Other times with bat expulsion, many people will ask why bat droppings can be so dangerous. We explain that bat guano, known as bat droppings, can carry several sorts of diseases that can be contracted by humans and pets that are very dangerous to our health. So we ensure that we expel bats guano as well as the animals themselves.

One client of ours from Cary NC needed very extensive attic restoration done due to the damage from the mice and rat populations living inside his attic. After this, professionals came in with rat management and effectively trapped and expelled the entire rat population by humane trapping methods, they got to work on the attic restoration for his home. As the rats had chewed several large gaps through his attic insulation. Animal technicians knew their work had only just begun, but as the company has been getting rid of squirrels and other nuisance wild animals, our critter team properly sealed any and all entry points the rats were using to ensure our client never had issues with rats again, and when we have received calls back from him, it is to deal with a different species of wild animal giving him trouble, but never the same one twice.

For a reasonably priced company with residential and commercial experts in removing wild animals from homes, don’t hesitate to contact triangle wildlife to set¬†residential and commercial squirrel traps for squirrels in attics, getting rid of skunks and odor management, or any other animal exclusions you might need such as bird control, rat, snake, squirrel and other residential and commercial wild animal management.¬†

Call Triangle now to have unwanted critter trapped.¬†Apex raccoon trapping with Triangle Wildlife. We are experts in wild animal control especially if you’re talking about¬†Apex raccoon removal. You are looking for¬†Apex raccoon trapping, then you are looking of us. Call Triangle now in Apex Holly Spring

Animals in your yard can also be a problem. Some are clever animals and they will find ways to get into your trash looking for food through different entry point. They dig up your yard or garden in search of insects and available house entry points. They are nocturnal so if you hear an animal in your trash at night it could possibly be racoons. We will help you to have them trapped and removed from your property. They also carry disease that can be spread to you, your family, or your pets. Don’t let them invade your property. Call us today to have them trapped and removed. Our company is serving Apex for humane animal management. Call Triangle now.

These critters can be really expensive in terms of the repairs of the damages they have done. This nuisance critter will take less time for it to establish a colony if neglected. When left alone, it will cause certain damages within the house or building, leaving their feces and urine all over the place and even cause different sickness and contract diseases. The most common disease they can contract is rabies. Without the proper equipment, an inexperienced person trying to capture this creature may have difficulty and may even cause more damage to the house or people living in the house. If it can not be helped and an individual must confront this nuisance critter, consult first the state laws on what are the do’s and dont’s when trapping the creature. There is one thing that is common in the laws of different states and it is to not harm or kill these nuisance critters. Try avoiding using any harmful chemicals that may be hazardous to both the animal and the nuisance critters.