North Carolina’s Longest Standing Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Company (919) 661-0722

North Carolina’s Longest Standing Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Company 
(919) 661-0722

Since 1990, Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Inc. has offered pest management services and humane animal removal to Raleigh and surrounding areas. We are hardworking and dedicated to humane wildlife removal and pest control problems. We use the most advanced techniques available to handle residential and commercial pest matters safely, effectively and humanely.

Nuisance Wildlife Management Services

Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control, Inc.
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Looking for Raleigh wildlife removal services? We offer complete solutions for removing wildlife from homes, buildings and structures and also provide services to prevent animals from entering again. Our animal proofing and wildlife exclusion methods are guaranteed and have been created through decades of research and development. As the longest running wildlife control company in Raleigh, our systems for getting rid of wildlife are tried and true.

Your home offers a number of attractive qualities to Carolina wildlife, including warmth, shelter and ample food sources. Unfortunately, it may be neither safe nor desirable to welcome a wild animal onto your property. At Triangle Wildlife Removal, we realize that you may not even be aware that an animal has taken up residence until it has either caused nuisance or died. The dead animals’ stench makes you call for dead animal elimination and odor dispersal. We offer humane animal relocation and exclusion services to deter and prevent further issues.

Main Wildlife Removal and Wildlife Control Service Areas

Our highly trained staff in Raleigh is experienced in wildlife trapping and our wildlife control services include:

  • Raccoon  elimination
  • Beaver  elimination
  • Possum  elimination
  • Bat  elimination
  • Flying Squirrel  elimination
  • Gray Squirrel  elimination
  • Snake  elimination
  • Bird  elimination
  • Groundhog  elimination
  • Muskrats
  • Mice and Rat  elimination

Opossums are considered nuisance wild animals due to their opportunistic natures because they find entry points through crawl spaces, sheds and other voids in residential and commercial structures and find the locations to be very enticing to nest. The animal droppings and urine will litter the area in which they live, much like bat droppings, coming into contact with possum waste can make you incredibly sick. Since they do not have long lifespans in the wild, they will often perish in their domain which will create numerous wildlife issues also. A dead possum can create a very foul odor which will attract flies and other parasites without proper odor control methods. Flea problems can also be an issue after removal of the deceased carcass. When removing animals, whether they are alive or dead, we aim to be serving by using the most efficient techniques of trapping, removal, exclusion, and sanitation to ensure your pests are safely trapped and removed by using humane wild animal relocation methods.

Raccoons are arguably quite a bit smarter than possums, but they do gravitate toward some of the same shelters on residential and commercial properties of home and business owners. These animals may take advantage of any opening or weak spot in your home as entry points. Again, professional assistance from North Carolinas companies is strongly advised when removing wildlife from your house or property. As any reasonably priced companies will you, A dead animal presents health issues that should be addressed with special care when removing animals.

Smaller rodents such as squirrels or rats can provide their own headaches for business owners when it comes wild animal management. The small wild animals can cause serious damage that needs additional damage repairs, as squirrels and rats both love to chew on everything. This can lead to them chewing on electrical wires and creating a much larger threat by putting homes and businesses at risk for electrical fires.

Once the Carolina wild animals have been successfully trapped and removed by your critter expert, they will seal up all former entry points, and take extensive means to ensure you do not have to call animal control to take care of the same animal a second time. For example, if you find out you have squirrels in attics that are having baby squirrels, the animal technician comes to start removing squirrels from your home, sets squirrel traps and successfully traps and removes the squirrels, and covers the damage repair. You will not experience issues with the critter again. If you end up having a future problem with a different wildlife, such as needing to get rid of skunks, or needing rat services, the technicians will gladly come back with a different approach to removing squirrels and removing skunks.

The process for relocation of a large animal typically looks like this:

  1. Wildlife Trapping
  2. Animal Removal
  3. Damage repair for animal exclusion
  4. Cleanup of damage control
  5. Sanitizing and deodorizing

For help getting rid of nuisance wildlife, insect control and bee removal in Raleigh NC, Garner NC, Cary NC , Durham NC and Chapel Hill NC, give Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control, Inc. a call at (919) 661-0722. [no_toc]


Our Company

This company is your one source for all your wild animal relocation and pest extermination needs. Whether you need pest riddance, bee extermination, rodent (rats & mice), termite inspections, termite tenting, bedbug treatments, termite management, termite damage repair, dry rot repairs or even termite-proof insulation (energy-star approved), we are here for you. Covering parts of NC like Garner NC, Cary NC, Durham NC, and Chapel Hill NC.

Our company is ecologically responsible, ensuring that only environmentally sound solutions and humane animal relocation techniques are used for all animal riddance, animal damage and nuisance wild animals extermination problems. In North Carolina, we offer services for a wide variety of wild animals.


We will handle all concerns from bugs to bears. We humanely exclude, clean up all destruction, defecation, nesting material and seal up all points of entry and exit. We also perform odor riddance while sanitizing, disinfecting, and fogging of virucides to kill the following diseases: histoplasmosis, rabies, parvo, bird flu, and many others that are associated with rodents, squirrels, birds, bats, coyote, raccoons, skunks, foxes, and other wild animals.

Company Goal

Our goal is to keep the animals on the exterior of the home or building. We also set up man-made habitats when the natural habitats have been destroyed or have been taken away. The wild animal can be surveyed in the new habitats through assessment, monitoring, and ongoing management.

In many cases, people have skunks, raccoons, opossums, Bat, snakes, and other wild animals that enter the home via a doggy door, a window left open, or door left open. We respond immediately in these situations. We always put safety first when it comes to homeowners and animals! Animal Capture comes in and removes the animal in the most humane way possible. We will take the animal out via a catch-all pole and put the animal in a trap. This is something we are very comfortable doing.

Our Experts

We call for solutions for both animal and man alike by freeing your home or business of all skunks, raccoons, opossums, bats, coyotes, and snake problems in a timely fashion. We are the company you have relied on for years! We have the expertise and experience animal relocation Team in North Carolina to solve diverse problems such as skunk riddance, skunk trapping under buildings and decks, raccoon riddance, raccoon trapping in attics and under floors, snake riddance, bat riddance, opossum riddance and opossum trapping in attics and under floors. We are also experts in dead animal riddance in North Carolina. When an animal dies in the attic, under the floor, or in the wall, it takes an expert to search for and locate the animal. We carry out inspections in attics and under floors while these animals are still in these locations. Most importantly, we have the knowledge to search out the damage done by these animals. Our job is to safely and humanely put an end to your uninvited wild animal guests. We accomplish this by educating our customers about these animals, the damage they cause, and where the animals are entering, so it does NOT happen again! We remove skunks, raccoons, opossums, and other wild animals immediately if possible, or we will set up humane traps that catch these animals alive. Our goal is to eliminate future problems and ensure the safety of your property and you!

We Care for our Customers

We are big on customer service! We are a family owned business, so we treat you like family! We service property owners, real estate and property management companies, studio lots, golf courses, theme parks, homebuilders, and municipalities at large. Contracts are available. Many pest companies, homeowner associations, law enforcement agencies, animal riddance, and state humane officers also recommend us. We cover all city animal trapping.

We specialize in raccoon riddance! We are experts when it comes to raccoon problems. Most of our raccoon calls are for raccoons in the attic, raccoon mothers with babies, raccoons living underneath the home, raccoons ripping vents off the home, raccoons ripping up the garden and sod, and raccoon latrines on the roof. Most of these problems are solved by trapping the raccoons. We can provide solutions for these types of situations in all areas of North Carolina.

We specialize in opossum riddance! We are experts when it comes to opossum problems in North Carolina. Most of the calls we get are for opossums in the attic, opossums living in the garage, opossum mothers with babies, opossums living under the home, and opossums ripping vents off the home. I also get many calls from people that are having a major flea problem due to opossums living on the property. Opossums are known to carry a heavy amount of fleas. Most of these problems are solved by trapping and eliminating the opossums in NC

We specialize in skunk riddance in all cities! We are experts when it comes to skunk problems. Most of the calls we get are for skunks living under homes, skunk burrows, skunks living in the garage, skunk mothers with babies, and skunks ripping vents off the home. I also get many calls from people that are having a major flea problem due to skunks living on the property. Skunks are known to carry a heavy amount of fleas. Skunks are like salmon. When a skunk is born under your home, she will come back to where she was born to have her babies