Main Service Areas In The Triangle Area

Garner NC Service Area

The first settlement near Garner was around 1751, it received the post office as well as the Garner’s station back 1878, and however, the community charter was repealed in 1891. But the charter was later reinstated as Garner in 1950. It lies along US70. This was the first highway constructed in North Carolina and in a paved way. It also runs through the area of Chapel Hill, NC.

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Chapel Hill NC Service Area

The area served as a home to English and Scottish migrants from the early 1700’s. The town itself was founded around the UNC campus in 1819, which remains a cultural centerpiece to this day, and was officially chartered in 1851.

The town’s famous public transport system “Chapel Hill Transit” was established in 1974 with the help of the towns first African-American mayor Howard Lee, and was made free for all intra-city travel in 2002. If you are looking for professional Chapel Hill wildlife removal call us today.

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Raleigh NC Service Area

Raleigh North Carolina is a municipality and the capital of North Carolina and the headquarters of Wake County. It was founded in 1792 as a planned city and as for present days, it has enlarged its size, stretching to neighboring Durham County. It is in very close proximity to Cary, North Carolina.

In 2016, 15.6 million people visited the capital of North Carolina. Every year tourism generates a revenue of almost 200 million dollars. For Wake County, tourism represents the largest employment sector and all tourism-generated tax receipts go to the maintenance of the city. The historic Oakwood neighborhood is a beautiful area with one of the most houses and gardens ever build in Raleigh, NC. Here you can visit The Historic Oak View Country Park featuring the Farm History Center.

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Cary NC Service Area

Cary North Carolina started as an area that was inhabited by Native Americans before English settlers came in. It was the arrival of the settlers who were moving away from the eastern seaboard that led them to this area in 1750. But in 1749, a man by the name of Francis Jones was given the title deed to the land, thus becoming the first white settler. The area soon became attractive because of how centrally located it was between two upcoming towns of Hillsborough and New Bern. Farming slowly became the way of life for the people of Cary with the growing of cotton and tobacco being one of its main cash crops.

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Apex NC Service Area

Apex’s name stemmed from the creation of a Chatham Railroad station, which was first opened in 1854, though it did not see its first train through it until 1869. By being located at the highest point along the train tracks, the name Apex was decided to be the most apt. Others also believe that the name Apex came from how Salem Street, a street in the town, is flanked by two bodies of water that come from two different rivers. Close by is the town of Durham, NC.

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Durham Service Area

It has come a long way from being a small village with less than a hundred people to one of North Carolina’s largest cities. Durham North Carolina was called home by a tribe of Native Americans known as the Eno and the Occoneechi who established the Adshusheer village in the area. It was officially incorporated in 1869 but its official birthday follows the establishment of the U.S. Post-Office on April 26, 1853. It is in close proximity to Apex, North Carolina.

The city got its name from Dr. Bartlett Snipes Durham after he donated four acres to the N.C. Railroad where a station named Durhamville was built. In the 1800s, Durham got the nickname “Bull City” after the bestselling product of Blackwell Tobacco-company. It came to be known not only as a tobacco center but also a banking center as both industries flourished in the city. We offer nuisance animal removal in Durham NC.

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