Raleigh, North Carolina

General Raleigh, NC Information

Raleigh North Carolina is a municipality and the capital of North Carolina and the headquarters of Wake County. It was founded in 1792 as a planned city and as for present days, it has enlarged its size, stretching to neighboring Durham County. It is in very close proximity to Cary, North Carolina.

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Population and land area

The city of Raleigh, NC has a population of 468,990 and the land area of 144.8 sq mi (375 sq km). It is located in east-central North Carolina with 434 feet above the sea level. The area borders numerous areas, such as Chapel Hill North Carolina.


Raleigh, NC has a humid subtropical climate with moderate temperatures in all the four seasons. Precipitations are pretty high around the year and periods of drought can as well occur. In springs and summers the temperatures are up to 80 F and winters reach a low of 50 F. Because of the great weather, nuisance animals thrive here in Raleigh. We are the highest rated Raleigh NC wildlife removal company according to the Animals Happen North Carolina wildlife control directory.


The municipality is divided in seven geographic areas: Downtown and Inside the Beltline Neighborhoods, Midtown Raleigh, East Raleigh, West Raleigh, North Raleigh, South Raleigh, Southeast Raleigh. Each area displays distinct architecture and landscapes.

Cultural Resources


The city holds a complex and varied offer of museums. The museums who have the highest number of annual visitors are: Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh, City of Raleigh Museum, North Carolina Museum of Art and of History and the African American Cultural Complex.


The Red Hat Amphitheater is the venue that regularly serves as home for many life performances throughout the year. the Fletcher Opera Theater, the Kennedy Theatre, and the Meymandi Concert Hall are the next performing art establishments the city of Raleigh holds.

Food Scene and Nightlife

Ranking as one of the top 12 travel destination, the city of Raleigh holds over 100 restaurant of different specialties and cuisine. Bida Manda and Saint Jacques French Cuisine are top two visited.

The nightlife is very diverse, and it is a pleasure for all guests and locals. The best ranked music venues are located in Downtown and Raleigh Beer Garden received the title of the world’s largest beer garden.

Top Tourist Attractions

In 2016, 15.6 million people visited the capital of North Carolina. Every year tourism generates a revenue of almost 200 million dollars. For Wake County, tourism represents the largest employment sector and all tourism-generated tax receipts goes to the maintenance of the city.

The historic Oakwood neighborhood is a beautiful area with one of the most houses and gardens ever build in Raleigh, NC. Here you can visit The Historic Oak View Country Park featuring the Farm History Center.

Pullen Park

Pullen Park became the first public park in the state of North Carolina in 1887. From that moment onward, the park received special care and attention from its visitors and staff to make it the favorite outdoor place for its residents and visitors. Here you can enjoy the Theater in the Park and for kids there is a big playground.

Marbles Kids Museum

This innovative museum is based on interactive exhibits, serving an educational purpose for children especially under the age of 10. BB&T Toddler’s Hollow and Tree Tunes are two examples from several exploration areas.

North Carolina State Capitol

The building follows the Greek Architecture and its perfect condition attracts millions of tourists. This loved landmark is now the Governor’s office.


Vendery Chocolate Factory

Located downtown, the Vendery Chocolate Factory lets you enjoy varieties of chocolate
while you tour the factory in search for information provided by their guides.

Triangle Rock Club

Triangle Rock Club is the most visited indoor climbing and fitness center of Raleigh. Visitors that opt for membership are trained in climbing and offer yoga and Pilates classes.

Historical Moments and Facts in Raleigh History

  • Because of the vast area of oak trees, the city of Raleigh is also known by the name of “City of Oaks” and its real name comes from Sir Walter Raleigh who was the founding father.
  • Andrew Johnson, one of the Presidents of the United States was born in Raleigh.
  • The Beltline is a massive railways corridor build from 1970 to 1980 to solve the traffic problems.
  • The economy did not follow the example of the neighboring cities and Raleigh grew thanks to the family-owned businesses formed all over the city.
  • In 2012 Raleigh received the award for Fastest Growing Cities for Technology Jobs.