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General Information On Chapel Hill, NC


Located in the southwest of Orange County, Chapel Hill is part of a region in the Piedmont of North Carolina(NC) called “The Triangle”, or “The Research Triangle”. The Triangle is made up of Chapel Hill, and the nearby city of Raleigh and Durham, and is centered around their universities – the University of North Carolina (UNC), North Carolina State University, and Duke University respectively.


The natural environment is vibrant and beautiful, the air is clean, and the weather is mild, and Chapel Hill, NC makes the most of this with numerous bike tracks and walking trails The town takes good care of the local environment and ensures it is well preserved – the green on the town flag actually represents their environmental awareness. This is especially popular in Garner, North Carolina.

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The area served as a home to English and Scottish migrants from the early 1700’s. The town itself was founded around the UNC campus in 1819, which remains a cultural centerpiece to this day, and was officially chartered in 1851.

The town’s famous public transport system “Chapel Hill Transit” was established in 1974 with the help of the towns first African-American mayor Howard Lee, and was made free for all intra-city travel in 2002. If you are looking for professional Chapel Hill wildlife removal call us today.


The campus’ beautiful ground and architecture along with its successful college sports teams makes it a point of pride for the locals. Campus hill is the definition of a college town – university colours are commonly worn on clothes and displayed in stores, and college sports are followed fanatically.

As you’d expect from a Town centered around a university, Chapel Hill North Carolina is the most educated municipality in North Carolina and is recognised for having some of the best schools in NC. The town’s politics have a liberal slant as is common with college towns, despite most of NC leaning conservative.

As a relatively small with only around 60,000 people, Chapel Hill still has a small town vibe despite being a cultural hub. The racial composition of the town is predominantly while (73%) with smaller African-American, Asian, and Latino elements.


Public transport is free and readily accessible in Chapel Hill, so it’s easy to travel around and see the sights.

UNC Campus

The centerpiece of the town is the historic University of North Carolina campus. Containing famous historical buildings, galleries, and sporting venues, the campus is the heart of the town’s culture and a must-see for any visitor.

Memorial Hall

At the center of the campus is Memorial Hall, which offers world-class performances of dance, theatre, opera, and symphonies, often from some of the most famous and well-respected actors and musicians in the world. It also hosts regular lectures from influential speakers on a wide range of topics.

Dean E. Smith Center

The Dean E. Smith Center – often referred to by locals as “The Dean Dome” – is a basketball arena named after a legendary former player-turned-coach. Located on the UNC campus, it’s the home of the extremely successful men’s college basketball team “The Tar Heels”. It’s open to the public and is a great way to experience the atmosphere of the town’s signature sporting event.

Carolina Basketball Museum

One major sporting attraction isn’t enough for this small town. There is also the Carolina Basketball Museum located close to the Dean Dome. It houses over a century of basketball history from the Tar Heels team and players – including one Michael Jordan. Admission is free, and the museum provides a great window into the town’s history and sporting fanaticism.

Morehead Planetarium and Science Center

Also at UNC is the first planetarium ever built on an American college campus, the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center. The center is full of shows, exhibits, science programs, and special activities. There’s also plenty of history on display, as the planetarium was used as a training location for astronauts such as those on the famous Apollo 11 mission.

Franklin Street

A vibrant arts and culture scene has grown around the UNC. Just outside the campus is Franklin Street, where you can find the numerous bars, galleries, restaurants, and cafes, and plenty of live music.

North Carolina Botanical Garden

Just 2 miles from Franklin Street, the North Carolina Botanical Garden showcases the natural beauty of Chapel Hill NC. With many hiking trails winding through the picturesque landscape, and a showcase of much of the regions botanical diversity, the park provides a quiet place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

The town is also in close proximity to Raleigh and Durham, which means there’s easy access to more activities and attractions if you’ve already seen everything in the immediate area.

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