Wildlife Control

Your home offers a number of attractive qualities to wildlife, including warmth, shelter and ample food sources. Unfortunately it may be neither safe nor desirable to welcome a wild animal onto your property. At Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control of Raleigh we realize that you may not even be aware that an animal has taken up residence until it has either caused a problem or died. We offer humane animal removal and relocation and exclusion services to deter and prevent further issues. Our highly trained staff is experienced in removal of:

Licensed Bat Removal Professionals

Bats are winged mammals that are in the order Chiroptera.  They are very beneficial animals. A single bat can consume 1000 insects an hour. They are active at night during the spring, summer and fall.  Around central North Carolina, they will be active in the winter on mild or warm evenings but will quickly retreat to hibernation during extreme cold. Many people put up bat houses in order to keep bats near their properties without creating the need for professional bat control. The most common species in the Triangle area are big brown bats, little brown bats and Brazilian free-tailed bats. These bats are normally found in houses in gable vents, between chimneys and flashing and behind shutters. They are frequently found in older concrete and brick commercial buildings high around the roofline where settling has occurred. The normal signs that are seen are rub marks at entry points, rustling and chirping in voids, large accumulations of droppings (guano) and the odors and organisms associated with the colonies.

Humane Raccoon Trapping

Nuisance AnimalRaccoons are nocturnal animals that are highly intelligent.  They adapt quickly to their surrounding environment and can create multitudes of problems.  They are opportunistic feeders, and will feed on almost anything edible.  They typically have one litter a year in early spring of one to about six kits or cubs.  The young will open their eyes in about four to six weeks and are mobile at eight to ten weeks of age.  Young raccoons make chirping sounds that resemble birds.  The female raccoon will typically make a home in attics, chimneys and crawl spaces where the young are raised. We offer raccoon trapping for these situations.

Pest Opossums

Wild Animal
Opossums are the only marsupial (pouched mammal) in North America.  Many people also refer to them as possums.  They have a prehensile tail and an opposable thumb.  These animals typically give birth early in the year.  Baby opossums stay in the pouch for several months before they emerge.  As many as 20 can be born to a litter but only half of them usually survive.  Once they emerge from the pouch, the baby possums will ride on the back of the mother. As she travels to forage for food, if the babies fall off, they are then on their own. This is why very young opossums are often seen  without the mother. Opossums are omnivores and eat a wide variety of food. They will inhabit burrows, under decks, crawlspaces, outbuildings and attics needing opossum removal services.  They are more often found in crawl spaces and lower areas of buildings.

Squirrels In Attics

Squirrel Control
Perhaps the most ubiquitous wild animal in our region is the gray squirrel. They are persistent and very adaptable. They typically have two litters a year in early spring and late summer. Squirrels will have anywhere from one to about eight young. The average is around four. The drays will open their eyes in about four to six weeks and be mobile by 8 weeks. There is nothing more precious than a baby squirrel.  They feed on acorns, grasses, leaves and hard mast. They are frequent visitors of bird feeders and are a favorite to the delight or dismay of one’s view. When they have entered your attic we offer same day squirrel removal services.

Snake Relocation and Exclusion

Snake removal should only be attempted by professionals who can recognize the type of snake and tell whether it’s venomous or not. The experts at Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Inc. use humane removal methods, such as live traps, whenever possible to relocate animals to a more suitable habitat. Afterward, our technicians will work with you on snake exclusion, which means modifying your environment in ways that deter them. For instance, repairing cracked or broken basement windows and garage doors that don’t close securely will eliminate openings where one may enter your home. Keeping the grass cut and maintaining neat flower beds and gardens will cut down on available food. Eliminating outdoor woodpiles and rock displays will help keep them from nesting in your yard.

Effective Rodent Extermination

Mouse removal
Rodent control is something that most homeowners don’t usually need to concern themselves with, but it’s important to respond when signs of an infestation become evident. In addition to their potential for carrying disease, rats and mice are known to cause damage in and around buildings. House and deer mice in particular can present a major challenge for residences, as they’re able to gain access through cracks no larger than a quarter-inch in size. When you’re in need of removing mice or having an effective prevention strategy in Raleigh, don’t hesitate to call on Triangle Wildlife Removal to get rid of rats, mice and rodents.