Guano Clean Up

Bat Droppings Removal

It can be extremely stressful and frustrating to deal with any sort of infestation in your home. No matter the animal there is a long process involved in doing it the right way so that there are no lasting effects from the problem. Animals can cause a lot of problems when they decide to use your home as a place to keep warm and stay safe. One of the most difficult animals to deal with is bats, as removal of bats in an attic takes years of experience.

They have to be physically removed and every animal has to be caught and relocated to make it safe for people. The removal can take quite some time because of the nature of the animal. Once they are all gone, there is a whole other part of the process to clean up the mess that they have made. This is important because a colony of bats can leave behind a large amount of guano that can make people sick.

The Clean Up Process

The cleanup process starts with making sure that the person doing it is outfitted with all of the proper safety equipment. They need to wear full suits, boots, gloves, and respirator masks. The dust and fumes that the guano can emit can be, not only disgusting but can also make people sick. It can have various bacteria, fungi, viruses, and bugs in it that are not good for people to handle.

Then the guano and everything that is soiled in the attic, that cannot be scrubbed, needs to be removed. The guano can sweat biohazardous materials all over the drywall, wiring, wood, and insulation in the attic. These things need to be removed if they are not going to be able to be cleaned in such a way that all of the biohazardous materials are gone. Beams may need to be removed, insulation can harbor mold growth, and the drywall can be ruined beyond repair.

A special enzyme-based cleaner has to be used to counteract the guano they excrete. These cleaners are specially engineered to break down these materials in such a way so that they can be cleaned away and no longer endanger the people do the work or living in the home. They can be used in spray form and in fog form so that every corner of the space is cleaned. This is a very important part of the process because if it is not properly, mold, bacteria, and diseases will remain in the space and within the materials.


Once all the removal and cleaning are done, the repair of the area can commence. New material can be brought in so that the structure can be repaired and brought back up to code. This can be a costly process, but it needs to be done properly by experienced professionals or it can affect the structural soundness of the home. This can make the home unsafe for people to inhabit and will result in a lot more issues than just a bat infestation.