North Carolina’s Longest Standing Snake Removal Company (919) 661-0722

North Carolina’s Longest Standing Snake Removal Company 
(919) 661-0722

Since 1990, Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Inc. has offered pest management services and humane animal removal to Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. We are hardworking and dedicated to humane wildlife removal and pest control problems. We use the most advanced techniques available to handle residential and commercial pest matters safely, effectively and humanely.

Nuisance Snake Control

Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control, Inc.
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Snake Species Handled By Our Company:

  • Water moccasins
  • Cottonmouth Snakes
  • Copperhead Snakes
  • Rattlesnakes
  • Gopher Snakes
  • Garter Snakes
  • King Snakes
  • Rat Snakes

When it comes to snake removal, It’s extremely difficult to tell the difference between the venomous and nonvenomous Chapel Hill animals for those not educated in professional wildlife management and identification techniques for the Carolina wildlife. So the safest option for proper snake trapping is to let the experienced professionals at Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Inc. help with removal and control of the wild animals when you spot one slithering through the yard, crawl spaces or curling up under the porch steps.

Removal Service Areas

Relocation And Exclusion

Snake removal should only be attempted by professionals from snake control who can recognize the type of snake and tell whether it’s venomous or not. The experts at Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Inc. use humane wildlife relocation methods, such as live traps, whenever possible to relocate animals to a more suitable habitat. After you have had the animal removed, our animal control technicians will work with you on snake exclusion and wildlife management, which means modifying your environment in ways that deter the wild animals. For instance, repairing cracked or broken basement windows and garage doors that don’t close securely will eliminate entry points where one may enter your home. Keeping the grass cut and maintaining neat flower beds and gardens will cut down on available food for the Chapel Hill animals. Total removal and control of outdoor wood piles and rock displays will help keep the dangerous Carolina Wildlife from nesting in your yard.

With over 25 years of experience in professional wildlife control service, Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Inc. provides quality animal removal services in North Carolina. If you have a pest problem near Raleigh NC, Garner NC, Cary NC, Durham NC or Chapel Hill NC, please contact our licensed team of professionals.

Additional Information And Trapping Advice

Most people are often very frightful of snakes and for good reason, the snakes are formidable predators in nature and can easily kill many small animals and lead the dead animals stench in their wake. Now often when dealing with any kind of animal control, whether its squirrel removal or skunk removal, there is often at least one or two dead animals that need to be cleaned up as well. As Dead animals can leave an awful stench that will spread throughout your entire Cary Apex home, it is important to have the dead animal removed.

Now there have been two instances where when we were handling snakes removal in Chapel Hill and Chapel Hill, several had gotten in through the crawl spaces of the homes and our wildlife control team had to take several safety measures to ensure that everyone involved in the animal control crew was safe, even when the snakes had attempted to bite our workers. Remember that unless you are a licensed wildlife control professional, these animals are some of the most dangerous out of all Chapel Hill wildlife. So please for your own sake, do not try to engage in any DIY critter control as there are several things that can go horribly wrong.


For other services that we offer, in addition to snake control, we also deal with removing other species of nuisance animals. We offer services like, bird removal, fox removal, bat removal, raccoon removal, skunk removal and squirrel removal. Squirrel removal especially one of our more commonly used services as squirrels in attics are fairly common throughout areas like Cary NC and Garner NC. The cities in which we operate include,Apex NC, Durham NC, Cary NC, Garner NC, Chapel Hill NC, Holly Springs, Wake forest, and other areas throughout Wake County. If you or anybody you know needs critter control services for removal Chapel Hill, give us a call! No matter if its dealing with flying squirrels or serious bat removal of a bat colony in your attic, Triangle Wildlife will be there to help!

What We Do When Trapping

Often times we will have several business owners asking us about Carolina wildlife management and the process of removing animals  such as getting rid of skunks, baby squirrels, raccoons from their businesses. We take pride as being part of the companies serving Raleigh, Cary Apex, Chapel Hill, Garner NC with humane techniques. Some of the additional services that we offer in addition to raccoon management , include bat, dead animals, bird control, fox,  and odor dispersal that dead animals or skunks can cause. When customers ask us about relocating squirrels, we will thoroughly explain how we set squirrel traps to catch the animals. Other times with bat expulsion, many people will ask why bat droppings can be so dangerous. We explain that bat guano, known as bat droppings, can carry several sorts of diseases that can be contracted by humans and pets that are very dangerous to our health. So we ensure that we expel bats guano as well as the animals themselves.

One client of ours from Cary NC needed very extensive attic restoration done due to the damage from the mice and rat populations living inside his attic. After this, professionals came in with rat management and effectively trapped and expelled the entire rat population by humane trapping methods, they got to work on the attic restoration for his home. As the rats had chewed several large gaps through his attic insulation. Animal technicians knew their work had only just begun, but as the company has been getting rid of squirrels and other nuisance wild animals, our critter team properly sealed any and all entry points the rats were using to ensure our client never had issues with rats again, and when we have received calls back from him, it is to deal with a different species of wild animal giving him trouble, but never the same one twice.

For a reasonably priced company with residential and commercial experts in removing wild animals from homes, don’t hesitate to contact triangle wildlife to set¬†residential and commercial squirrel traps for squirrels in attics, getting rid of skunks and odor management, or any other animal exclusions you might need such as bird control, rat, squirrel and other residential and commercial wild animal management.¬†

Call Triangle now to have unwanted critter trapped.¬†raccoon removal with Triangle Wildlife. We are experts in wild animal control especially if you’re talking about raccoon removal. You are looking for raccoon removal, then you are looking of us. Call Triangle now in Apex Holly Spring

Animals in your yard can also be a problem. Some are clever animals and they will find ways to get into your trash looking for food through different entry point. They dig up your yard or garden in search of insects and available house entry points. They are nocturnal so if you hear an animal in your trash at night it could possibly be racoons. We will help you to have them trapped and removed from your property. They also carry disease that can be spread to you, your family, or your pets. Don’t let them invade your property. Call us today to have them trapped and removed. Our company is serving Chapel Hill for humane animal management. Call Triangle now.

There are a few different companies that will respond to snake calls. Some of these companies are the Fire Department, Animal Regulations, and the¬†Department of Fish and Game.¬† If you have ever called these agencies with the acception of the fire department, it probably took a while for them to respond,¬†and that’s if they even responded. When they finally do come for the snake, they just kill it and throw it away.

What sets Triangle Snake Removal apart from these companies¬†is,¬†we don’t kill what we catch. We simply move the animal away from your property and release it. The only time we won’t release it is if it appears sick or is non-native to¬†Carolina. In which case, it will receive professional medical help and a new home.¬†With all the calls that we respond to, we have yet to get a complaint that the it has returned.