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Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control, Inc can handle most any type of Durham pest control services needed. Whether it be Durham pests like fleas under a house from a dead animal carcass or rats between the walls to a large bald-faced hornet nest three stories high that needs extra-long ladders, we can accomplish the task.  We provide monthly, quarterly or annual services to fit the individual’s needs. They can be customized to anything the customer wants.

We use the most up to date chemicals and techniques and implement Pest Control Services and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques whenever possible.  This is based upon less use of chemicals and more about changing habitats, mechanical alterations, education and adding physical barriers to combat ongoing pest problems.

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We offer Durham termite inspections & termite treatments and also yearly renewals for subterranean termite. If you are selling or buying a home, we perform wood destroying insect reports (WDIR). We will ensure that no future problems will exist if treated properly. Subterranean termites are based on a caste system. There are workers, soldiers, and reproductives (alates). The workers maintain the underground colonies and make the mud tubes often associated with termite activity. The soldiers only defend the nest from intruders and have no worker duties. The queen is simply there for one purpose and that is to lay thousands of eggs in her lifespan. Once she dies, another secondary reproductive will take over.

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With over 4,000 species of cockroaches on the planet, it’s no wonder these insects cause such problems in households in Durham and beyond. At Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control, we understand that roach control or any pest control services depend on knowing which species have taken up residence in your home so we may individualize pest control treatments to your needs. Effective treatment for cockroach control may depend on a combination of pest extermination, pest control and pest prevention methods.

Getting rid of invasive insects or pests isn’t easy. If you are seeing one six-legged pest run across the floor, many others may be amassed out of sight. To get rid of these invasive creatures, more than one approach may be required. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an individualized approach to bug removal and infestation deterrence. We endeavor to use the most effective methods for your home or business with the least environmental impact. We try to avoid spraying chemicals in the home unless absolutely necessary.

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Bedbugs virtually disappeared from the list of household pests for decades, but conditions have changed to put these pests back on the most feared list for homeowners, apartment dwellers, and hotel managers alike. For one, international travel has opened pathways for the insects or Durham pests to hitchhike from all over the world. Secondly, the bugs built up a resistance to the many of the pesticides used to eradicate them in the first place. At Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control of Durham, we know that while these insects or Durham pests are not known to carry and transmit disease, they may be a serious nuisance, cause a rash or itchy skin and, in some cases, symptoms such as swelling and other allergic reactions. At 3/16 of an inch for an adult, and pinhead size for newly hatched nymphs, the reddish brown bug may be hard to identify easily.

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Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control, Inc., is one of the few Durham pest control services experienced in dealing with stinging insects such as the yellow jacket, wasp, hornet and bee. As in all our work, we make every effort to avoid getting rid of a problem by spraying chemicals in and around your Durham home unless it is absolutely necessary. Effective treatment and control may include prevention and humane relocation. To learn more or to make an appointment for stinging pest management or termite treatment in Durham, Garner, Cary, Durham or Chapel Hill, give us a call at (919) 661-0722.