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What Kind of Damage do Bats Cause?

In small numbers, bats aren’t much of a problem. It’s when the colony grows in size that real problems start to occur, and they mostly have to do with guano buildup. However, even if you only have a small colony, it’s best to deal with it as soon as possible. Bats live a very long time, and they stay in the same place basically forever (thousands of years, conditions permitting). The colony grows larger every year, as the female bats have babies each summer, and those babies join the colony. After a period of years, you can have thousands of bats, and that’s where the problems start. Problems caused by bats in houses range from minor to life threatening. Hearing occasional squeaking or the rustling of bat wings in your attic, chimney, or walls can be a nuisance, and even a bit unsettling. It is also disturbing to find a baby or adult bat in the living areas of your home. If a bat is stuck and dies somewhere in your walls or elsewhere in your home, you may smell the unpleasant stench of the decaying bat. These problems are minor, but should not be ignored because eventually larger problems will develop.

There are 1,240 distinct and very interesting Bat species globally. According to Bat Conservation International. Fruit Bats, Carnivorous Bats, even a few Fishing Bats. There are 47 Bat species live in the continental United States, and 14 species of Bats throughout the Ohio valley region. Bats are amazing creatures. They are …

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My advice is to call your home inspector and ask for a reinspection of the furnace, letting him know the gas man observed damage inside the … atmosphere by way of the attic vents. The solution is to relocate the fiberglass bats in your attic.

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If the holes are sealed and the bats are already inside, they can’t get out and will either try to escape through the main part of the house or die in the attic, the AP reported. It also is illegal to remove them, according to WRAL. …