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Since 1990, Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Inc. has offered pest management services and humane animal removal to Raleigh and surrounding areas. We are hardworking and dedicated to humane wildlife removal and pest control problems. We use the most advanced techniques available to handle residential and commercial pest matters safely, effectively and humanely.

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Your home offers a number of attractive qualities to wildlife, including warmth, shelter and ample food sources. Unfortunately it may be neither safe nor desirable to welcome a wild animal onto your property. At Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control of Raleigh North Carolina we realize that you may not even be aware that an animal has taken up residence until it has either caused a problem or died. We offer humane animal removal and relocation and exclusion services to deter and prevent further issues.

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We have been in business since 1990 and are the leading wildlife removal service in the Triangle area. Triangle Wildlife Removal and Pest Control was started by Tad Bassett who holds a Bachelors of Science from North Carolina State University in Fisheries and Wildlife Management and also has worked with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Our team strives to have a positive outcome for customers but also for the wildlife removed. In some situations, animals can be persuaded to leave the premises simply by habitat modification or simple exclusion. In other situations, the animals will be have to be forcibly removed or trapped but then can be released unharmed, either on the premises or to a more suitable habitat. An example of an animal released on the premises would be an owl in the chimney and an example of trapping and relocation would be squirrels living in the attic or opossums in the crawl space. Once the animal is removed, the area of entry will be secured.

We work diligently with Wildlife Welfare, Inc. Any time orphaned or injured wildlife are encountered we get the animal to a licensed rehabilitator. During “the baby” season we have very good success of getting the females and babies reunited until all can be released in a better habitat.

If you are ever in the need for a professional wildlife removal service in Miles NC, please consider allowing Triangle Wildlife Removal the opportunity to remedy your situation.

Tad Bassett

Wildlife Removal Company in Miles, NC

On the left, you can see a group of bats swirling inside a house. Wildlife removal should alway be left to professionals. It is most common for us to perform observations in the summer months during the time period when exclusions should not be performed. Seal-Up: After you are 100% certain that all the bats are out, remove the exclusion devices and seal the entry holes shut. Since bats consume extremely high numbers of mosquitoes and other night-flying insects, they are very beneficial to have around. The most common species in North America that people may find in a colony on their property are the Little Brown Bat and the Mexican Free-tailed bat. Over time they moved north up the continent, successfully adapting to new territories and expanding their diet. The bad news, on the other hand, is that this is not an easy job. Having our own lift allows us to respond to jobs in a more timely manner, and the towable lift is easier on lawns as compared to bucket trucks. Or if it does indeed care, there are stronger incentives for them to come on your property or remain there, incentives that are deep rooted in their DNA, and that will always outweigh any slight discomfort we may cause them with our funny home remedies. Call us today for wildlife removal services in Miles.

Miles, NC Bat Removal Company

columnaris). Bat exclusion and control is extremely important to stop damages. What About Raccoons in a Chimney? Raccoons get into chimneys as well. Sometimes raccoons will find an existing opening into a building and other times they will rip open a week area creating a lot of damage. These bats will form huge colonies, up to several million members in some cases. In urban environments, the animal often sifts through garbage for food. Further, raccoons enjoy building dens above warm quiet spaces such as the attic above a bedroom. The males roost alone in solitary areas, such as trees. Exclusion: Install one-way exclusion devices on the primary entry/exit areas. When able, a raccoon will examine objects in water. Contact us today for bat removal services in Miles.

Miles, NC Raccoon Removal Company

If Bats Are So Good For The Environment Why Not Leave Them There? Humane raccoon removal is always our first approach. I could keep going on debunking all sorts of oldwives’ tales, but the story is the same with each and every one of them, really. Exclusions can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the size of the structure, equipment required, materials for repairs, labor time for repairs and sealing, and mileage to site. Because bats have such a high metabolism and eat so many bugs they pass a lot of waste. What Health Risks Do Raccoons Pose? Rabies is the most commonly cited disease associated with raccoons. Many people simply set the trap in a convenient or random spot. But the attic of a home will do quite nicely. Also, in areas like crawlspaces it is common for raccoons to pull insulation down from the floor space above in attempts to find access leading up out of the crawlspace. Drywall: Because raccoons are larger animals, if and when they do urinate inside the structure of a building, the amount of urine expelled is a substantial amount of liquid as to severely damage drywall. No longer feeling comfortable, she will relocate her babies to a safer environment. Reach out to us today for raccoon removal services in Miles.

Miles, NC Opossum Removal Company

Otherwise, they migrate and return each spring. Opossum removal is not always necessary but sometimes it must be done. We will also provide free detailed plans on how to build your own bat house, and information on placing the house for best results. The truth is that repellents rarely work. Remember, it's not like I prefer to be working in the middle of the night! It's just that it helps get the job done perfectly, and perfection is required. Non-lethal traps may be necessary to prevent raccoons using the attic or other part of the house as a nest site. If it's too small, the animal won't fit inside, or may trigger the trip pan, but not allow clearance for the door to shut all the way. To most people they look like an eagle or condor when cruising around in their house. I really don't believe that uneducated people should attempt to interact with wildlife. Fasten the trap to the ground and prevent the mother from reaching the pups from outside the trap. Call us today for opossum removal services in Miles.

Miles, NC Squirrel Removal Company

Or if it does indeed care, there are stronger incentives for them to come on your property or remain there, incentives that are deep rooted in their DNA, and that will always outweigh any slight discomfort we may cause them with our funny home remedies. Squirrel removal is necessary when squirrels have moved into your attic. If they are not able to find their way into your living quarters, they die in the attic. Quite the contrary, as less than 1% ever contract rabies, and it is highly unusual for a bat to contact a person, through a sick bat may have no fear of a human or other animals. Taller structures are more likely to receive less maintenance due to a lack of access for repairs. Exclusions can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the size of the structure, equipment required, materials for repairs, labor time for repairs and sealing, and mileage to site. This is the first and easiest thing that you can try. We have a single-man lift with a 24-foot platform height which can be used outside or inside buildings. Once they have slipped out of the netting they won’t be able to reenter. What Kind Of Bats Are There? Contact us today for squirrel removal services in Miles.

Miles, NC Snake Removal Services

Wearing thick leather gloves, remove all the pups and gently put them in a pillowcase. Never kill snakes always call for professional snake removal first. However, they are not out in the open. Read more about bats in the chimney here. Raccoons are large animals, and I've dealt with many cases of raccoons falling through the ceiling and into the home over the years - not a pleasant situation! They also scratch and chew, and I've seen several cases in which they've clawed and chewed electrical wires. The only good way to get rid of bats in your attic is to perform exclusion. In fact, when I do trap, it's often with cages bolted to the roof, in order to get the target animal. I've been to dozens of houses using all kinds of raccoon bait, and it didn't matter, the correct animals were not caught, due to other reasons than just bait. They have no problem with attacking dogs in order to defend themselves, so the dog hair smell isn’t such a big red warning sign for them. They will remain here until their mother picks them and relocates them to a new den one-by-one. Let us know if you need snake removal services in Miles.

Miles, NC Rodent Extermination

We can reach about 40 feet high. The combination of their urine, droppings, birthing debris, and decayed food scraps are known to cause unsightly leaks in the walls and ceilings, unbearable odors inside the home, and upper respiratory illnesses. Rodent control and exclusion services are a specialty of ours. The shoulder height is between 23 and 30 cm (9 and 12 in). Why You Should Hire A Wildlife Professional To Get Raccoons Out Of Your Attic. Once a raccoon has established a home in an attic, it takes more than a bad odor to make it leave - you wouldn't abandon your home if someone spread some mothballs inside. The exclusion netting or funnels must be set perfectly to allow bats to fly out naturally at night, but then not be able to fly back in. First make sure to keep safety in mind. Or they hired a lazy and ignorant wildlife trapper who trapped the mom raccoon, charged their fee, and left, and now the babies are left behind and they don't want to have to come back to finish the job. I usually find myself climbing through very tight quarters to find the young. Call us today for rat removal services in Miles.

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