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Since 1990, Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Inc. has offered pest management services and humane animal removal to Raleigh and surrounding areas. We are hardworking and dedicated to humane wildlife removal and pest control problems. We use the most advanced techniques available to handle residential and commercial pest matters safely, effectively and humanely.

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Your home offers a number of attractive qualities to wildlife, including warmth, shelter and ample food sources. Unfortunately it may be neither safe nor desirable to welcome a wild animal onto your property. At Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control of Raleigh North Carolina we realize that you may not even be aware that an animal has taken up residence until it has either caused a problem or died. We offer humane animal removal and relocation and exclusion services to deter and prevent further issues.

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We have been in business since 1990 and are the leading wildlife removal service in the Triangle area. Triangle Wildlife Removal and Pest Control was started by Tad Bassett who holds a Bachelors of Science from North Carolina State University in Fisheries and Wildlife Management and also has worked with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Our team strives to have a positive outcome for customers but also for the wildlife removed. In some situations, animals can be persuaded to leave the premises simply by habitat modification or simple exclusion. In other situations, the animals will be have to be forcibly removed or trapped but then can be released unharmed, either on the premises or to a more suitable habitat. An example of an animal released on the premises would be an owl in the chimney and an example of trapping and relocation would be squirrels living in the attic or opossums in the crawl space. Once the animal is removed, the area of entry will be secured.

We work diligently with Wildlife Welfare, Inc. Any time orphaned or injured wildlife are encountered we get the animal to a licensed rehabilitator. During “the baby” season we have very good success of getting the females and babies reunited until all can be released in a better habitat.

If you are ever in the need for a professional wildlife removal service, please consider allowing Triangle Wildlife Removal the opportunity to remedy your situation.

Tad Bassett

Wildlife Removal Company in Swift Creek, NC

Hibernating bats may respond to a sudden warm-up in outside temperature, which may be a false signal that spring is near. Wildlife removal should alway be left to professionals. Raccoons are nocturnal mammals. Bats are protected by Illinois state wildlife code, and no chemicals or poisons can be used. Keep in mind that a bat will avoid sunlight if at all possible. Five to eight light and dark rings alternate on its tail. In addition to the above reasons one of the biggest reasons to not use poison is the fact it is inhumane. Click here for more photos about attic contamination and restoration. Good question, but no. This might work with making a mother raccoon leave an attic and move her litter due to fear of a male killing her young. Call us today for wildlife removal services in Swift Creek.

Swift Creek, NC Bat Removal Company

The process is complex, because bats can enter such tiny areas, about 3/8 inch. Bat exclusion and control is extremely important to stop damages. Interesting fact: the bats in your attic are actually all females! They are called a maternity colony, and they are in your attic in order to have a safe place to give birth to and raise their young. Some are packaged as bat removal products while some people try a wider range repellent. What species of bats typically live in attics? Click here for my special guide on How to Get Raccoons Out of an Attic, the most comprehensive guide to attic raccoon removal on the web. To locate them requires patience, endurance and a measure of physical strength. If you do relocate the raccoon, it should be at least five miles from the capture site. We observe the structure as the bats exit for their nightly feeding. But it is not an easy task, especially if you are not experienced. Contact us today for bat removal services in Swift Creek.

Swift Creek, NC Raccoon Removal Company

Do you ever use use poison? 4. Humane raccoon removal is always our first approach. We can reach about 40 feet high. Your evenings are disrupted by heavy thumping on the ceiling, while growling and scratching noises wakes you up at night. The other commonly found bat is the Little Brown Bat. If you find that the bat is not hanging from anyplace, then your next option is to search for areas in the home where the bat could crawl into something. The virus usually attaches itself to the nervous system and works its way along to the brain. Click here for more photos of raccoon entry points. Though previously thought to be solitary, there is now evidence that raccoons engage in gender-specific social behavior. These tactics have been ruled fraudulent by the FTC, and they DO NOT WORK. Reach out to us today for raccoon removal services in Swift Creek.

Swift Creek, NC Opossum Removal Company

Some of the old-fashioned standards include naphthalene (moth balls), ammonia, bleach, and even human hair. Opossum removal is not always necessary but sometimes it must be done. Read more about bats in the chimney here. Finding the litter is a daunting job. Prior to this, the adults return each morning and feed the young. Read more about Home Remedies to Keep Away Raccoons and Get Rid of Them There is only one way to do it right: with a live exclusion. A quick tip: If a company claiming to do bat work shows up for an inspection without a ladder, be cautious. We provide a detailed warranty info sheet for all exclusion programs. In addition to the above reasons one of the biggest reasons to not use poison is the fact it is inhumane. Call us today for opossum removal services in Swift Creek.

Swift Creek, NC Squirrel Removal Company

As such, attic insulation can quickly become damaged when trampled on or littered with urine and feces, although it is not common in most cases for raccoons to defecate in their den site (except during baby season). Squirrel removal is necessary when squirrels have moved into your attic. Almost every person who gets bit does so because they pick up a sick or injured bat. You’re not exactly looking forward to that, right? It may take hours. The raccoon, whose method of locomotion is usually considered to be plantigrade, can stand on its hind legs to examine objects with its front paws. You need to set the bat exclusion devices. This is a wild animal that needs to survive, and it will tolerate quite a bit in order to keep its home. One hypothesis for the dark fur is that it may help reduce glare and enhance the nocturnal animal’s night vision. The next thing you want to do is to make sure that you are wearing heavy protective clothing. What should I do if there is a raccoon in my attic - Don't panic - call a pro to inspect the attic and remove the animals in the proper manner. Contact us today for squirrel removal services in Swift Creek.

Swift Creek, NC Snake Removal Services

Bats only become a problem when they decide to use an attic or other section of a home or building for a roosting or nursery colony. Never kill snakes always call for professional snake removal first. How to capture a raccoon that lives in my apartment attic house - Ah raccoon capture, of course. Catch, capture, similar things. A steel cage trap is the best option. Can I lure the bats out of my attic with a bat house? How do I build a bat house? To learn more in detail, click how to perform a bat inspection. Of course, you can try any and all of the suggestions you get, but it is my educated opinion that you will just lose time and energy by doing so. Gaps under doors leading to attics and closets are common entry points. You can guess how pleasant that becomes after a week or so. Check the regulations posted by your state's department of wildlife (or fish & game) and you will see that it is illegal to do so if you are not a licensed wildlife control professional. The idea behind these repellents is that they simply create an unpleasant odor that raccoons don't like, which encourages them to leave. Let us know if you need snake removal services in Swift Creek.

Swift Creek, NC Rodent Extermination

One-way tubes, cones or other devices can be installed when the entry point is found. They are mainly nocturnal animals, but may be seen in the daytime if a source of food is available. Rodent control and exclusion services are a specialty of ours. It might be several different areas of the home. Inspection fees are due at the time of the site inspection. They usually roost in tight, hot areas in the structure. Some people simply don't like the idea of having wild critters in the attic. Most people notice the odor first. Generally, Exclusion is the most effective long-term method the homeowner can employ to help prevent raccoon damage. And don't let your fingers enter the cage, or the raccoon will lunge and bite! Pick up and move the cage with care. Call us today for rat removal services in Swift Creek.

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