Process of getting bats out of an attic

No. The bat exclusion process is the only way to permanently remove a bat colony from a structure. Anything else is a waste of time and money. BatGuys does not offer any type of service for bat removal other than a complete bat exclusion.

It’s also worth noting is that in order for a bat exclusion to be successful the entire building must be treated. If only one portion of the house is treated, bats will simply start using an untreated area and continue to inhabit the structure. This especially holds true for condominiums and duplexes. If one unit of a condominium has a bat colony in the attic the entire building needs to be treated — not just that unit.

Do you have bats that you would like to
remove from your living space? The
following description is the widely
accepted, non‐lethal approach for
excluding bats from your home. Killing
the bats you will find does not solve the
root problem which involves locating and
sealing the actual access point that the
bats are using. The remaining bats and
future bats will still find their way into
your attic or similar roosting space until
you locate and seal all access points. Bats
are NOT rodents and therefore will NOT
chew their way into your house if you
close off the opening. They use only
existing openings.